Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year, New You - Part Two

Fir auld lang syne....

SO! Last year, I wrote out my "resolutions" in a notebook, and then I posted them in my blog, and then I wrote them out on 3x5 cards and taped them all over my vanity. Every time I completed one, I'd put a little check next to it. I'm proud to say that plenty of them have little check marks, but some of them do not. If you remember, some of my resolutions for the past year were a little abstract. This year, I'm doing something a bit different. (Also, the period button [.] seems to be sticking on my laptop's keyboard. It's irritating. Irrelevant, but irritating.)

This year, I have some general, overall goals for the whole of 2013. But I'm trying to focus a little more on the day-to-day. (Okay, maybe it's not the period key that's sticking, maybe my fingers are just acting wonky and being uncooperative.)

IN GENERAL: for 2013
  • eat regularly like a normal human being (I really need to work on this one - I usually eat only one meal a day and mini non-meals the rest of the time. I've been reminded that this is not healthy.)
  • Make a playlist of happy music to listen to
  • Put up pictures of Kenzie and generally make my room my own
  • Use the happy thoughts box
  • BLOG every once in a while
  • Read 1 new book every month ("new" as in a book I have not read before)
  • Get more organized
  • Write every day
  • Go somewhere I've never been before
  • Be a happier, more positive person.
For the Month of January (My Goals):
  1. Make my bed every morning. I feel like if I start my day with order and tidiness, other things will fall into place.
  2. Make my desk usable again. Right now my desk is covered in crap and completely disorganized. I want to be able to sit at my desk to write for a while every day.
  3. Write every day. I'm starting with 15 minutes. 15 minutes a day, writing something. Anything.
  4. Clear the floor of my room so I can vacuum every weekend. This seems silly, but I want to be able to vacuum and have room to, I dunno, do yoga on the floor or something equally ridiculous.
  5. Get to the gym 3 times a week, bare minimum. I like going to the gym, going to the gym is good for me, I know this, blah blah blah
  6.  Develop and act upon an evening routine that involves preparing for the next day so mornings are smooth and simple. Pack a lunch for work, make sure dishes are done and either put away or in the dishwasher, not piled up in the sink. Lay out an outfit for the next day, have stuff by the door if I need to run errands before/after work. This will make life easier.
Six little things to do every day, getting closer to doing something better with myself. Making myself better. I have a good feeling about this year. 2013 is going to be my year of living well, my year of positivity. A year of good vibes.  I'll keep you posted - wish me luck.

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Monday, December 3, 2012

Back Again

So. I've been away for a few months. Basically, Penelope (my laptop) DIED and I've been effectively without all of my drafted blog posts and little bits on inspiration that she held for the duration. But she's back, therefore I am, too.

I work full-time, my cat is half-grown, my housemate still makes me a little homicidal sometimes, and I'm teaching on Tuesday evenings now. Wild, huh?

And I don't see my friends.

And I don't meet new people.

And I don't write anymore.

I just wish.

So I hope this blog isn't too depressing for you.