About the Writer

Hi! Welcome to And I Swear We Were Infinite, my blogspace for all the things I'm passionate about. My name is Willow, I'm a 20-something living in the suburbs of Los Angeles (aka, the greatest city in the world).  

By day I'm an executive assistant at a trucking safety institute and dedicated kitty-mama. But by night I'm a:

nanny       writer      philosopher      scholar       knitter      dreamer   dancer      musician             DIY-er      Pinterest-user      teacher         reader       karaoke singer       book hoarder    and   candle lighting Catholic.

On my blog you'll find a little bit of everything. I'll be posting about my knitting projects, my 52 Lists Project, book reviews (lots of book reviews), my experiences as a babysitter, some DIY/Pinterest project attempts, Catholic lifestyle musings, and other miscellanies. Please hit up the Contact Me page to say hi, or leave a comment. 

If you're here from other places out in the internets, thanks for stopping by! Pour yourself a nice cuppa tea and enjoy your stay.

Meet Me:
 Blonde, curly/frizzy hair, and just a little bit crazy.

 Meet my cat:
Gatsby. Cute, cuddly, anti-social and completely insane.
Note his utterly adorable coyote ears...

We're both so glad you're here!

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