Monday, March 21, 2011

One Hour Write: "Garden Daze"

From my "One Hour Write" session on 2/27/2011 at 3:30pm.

Today was so gloriously beautiful, it was almost nauseating. It's still glorious out, but a bit chillier. I'm sitting in the Sky Swing off the garden, watching the cats lazily eye the pigeons, doves, chickadees and robins at Mom's bird-feeders. The breeze is teasing the wind chimes, and the sound is so comforting; it sounds like summers growing up.

There's so much snow on the mountains, but our sky is clearer than the water of the Bahamas. Dad took the girls up for some sledding (an estimated 20 inches in Big Bear and counting!) but I want to enjoy the clear air and sunshine while it lasts. It's been so cold lately, I want to enjoy this taste of springtime a bit longer.

I caught myself gardening earlier. Funny, I know. It started as just picking some obnoxious (but easy) weeds, then sweeping the stepping stones, then taking an inventory of the funny things the garden has collected over the years. As follows:

  • 2 fat, round cats and 1 curled up gray one
  • 4 toadstool mushrooms - 2 small, 2 large
  • 1 brick ladybug
  • 1 wrought iron bumblebee
  • 2 large, hanging butterflies (painted)
  • 2 small turtles
  • 1 statue of two little girls holding hands and dancing
  • 1 statue of St. Francis (birdfeeder)
  • 1 large, painted rock w/ a pithy quote
  • 2 wishing wells
  • 3 variously sized stone crosses of different styles
  • 2 shiny bowling balls
  • 3 small step-stone faces
  • 2 small stone "heads"
  • 1 teacup and saucer atop a pole
  • 2 small birdhouse feeders
  • 2 giant "foot" planters
  • 1 pot-bellied stove
  • 2 painted watering cans (1 large, 1 small)
  • 1 small, decorative wheelbarow skeleton
  • several small, painted suncatchers
  • 1 ancient - working! - windchime
  • and countless other odds and ends
I think I ought to go put something warmer on; this chill is setting in. ... Ah, better. I'm going to start putting plans together for my birthday party. I'm really excited, especially because it's getting closer and it really might happen. I'll be working out my plans in detail over the coming weeks. ... So excited!!! Here's what I have so far....:

Potential (super sketchy) guest list, somewhat over-full menu (in need of weeding out and testing! YUM), veeeeeeeery detailed notes on decorations, list of flowers to involve, notes on party favors and a few drafts of invitations.

I'm really, really, really excited, by the way. Have you guessed?

Love all, trust few, do wrong to no one. ~ William Shakespeare


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