Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Really? REALLY!?

That's IT. I'm done going through life pissed off about everything. Soon as I find my medical information, I'm going to boot camp, establishing a career, finding a wife, and STARTING A LIFE! Monday (3/14/11) @ 10:13PM.

That made me laugh. Especially the "finding a wife" part. 'Cause, y'know, that's WHY HE FUCKING BROKE UP WITH ME. No big. I'm over it. Mostly.

So. Yeah. It's been a rough couple of days since then, and well... I feel like I'm sliding backwards almost. Annoying and frustrating and borderline heartbreaking. I want so much to be better, to be above how awful he still makes me feel, but despite how much better I feel some days, there are still days (too many, in my opinion) that leave me feeling broken and helpless. Coffee helps. Chocolate helps. Buffy marathons with Rose help. But nothing's made it better yet. It still isn't right. I mean, I was a mess before we met, I'll give you that. But it sucks that I had a couple years of being somewhat okay and then *poof* back to where I started. No, about three miles behind where I started.

I suppose this concludes today's angry outburst. Just know that I'm not feeling very forgiving right now if you happen to meet me on the street somewhere. And Robert? He's a poncey-twatted tossbag prick. So there.

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