Sunday, March 27, 2011

Write On…

So today I got an unexpected phone call. On second thought, I was expecting it, but not until tomorrow. So it was still a bit surprising, but not an out-of-the-blue, crazy-ass, “WHOA!” kind of surprise. Understand, there’s a lovely little woman who sits in the same seat at every Lakers home game (and has for the last 20 years or something) whom I’m marvelously fascinated with. I plucked up some nerve (right out of my garden of virtues!) and wrote her a note for my mother to deliver on Friday night explaining who I am, what my goals are and the whole writing thing, and expressed my desire to interview her.

She called this afternoon and said she’d be delighted to talk with me. She (Her name is Shirley, by the way. Ms. Shirley Green.) seemed confused as to why I would pick her of all people, but I explained that she just seemed like someone I’d like to get to know a bit better; someone I’d like to write about. We have a late lunch date scheduled for Wednesday afternoon in Culver City. I’m nervous-excited with a dash of anxious.

Mostly, I’m thrilled that… Things are finally happening. This is my first real interview as a writer, as someone trying to get real stories and put them into words. This isn’t me eavesdropping or observing from any kind of distance. I’m being upfront about my intentions and sitting down with a complete stranger to get her story with the express purpose of improving my writing. I feel almost like a professional writer with this ahead of me.

I mean, let’s be honest. 6 months ago, 3 months ago: I wouldn’t have the guts or the strength to be doing something like this. I can’t wait to tell Aunt Leslie and Uncle Andy how it goes. I’m a little concerned about not knowing what to ask, or being too formal and making her uncomfortable, or acting too unprofessional or… No. I will not let something as unnecessarily paralyzing as an anxiety disorder ruin this. I am not my illnesses. I am a writer. So there.

In other news, the Judy Moody movie will be released nationwide on June 10th of this year and it looks absolutely adorable. It’s like Beezus and Ramona with a summery, ridiculous twist. “R A R E!” I’m definitely excited to see it and will, of course, be doing another write-up on it – review style! See the trailer here.

Also, please note the new “Contact” tab on the pages bar. You can contact me super-easy and super-secret like so nobody’s info is compromised prior to the actual messaging. Cool, huh? Last, more reviews on YA and kid-lit are coming, fear not! Also be sure to check my “Scribbles…” page for a few new fiction pieces. Cheers!

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