Sunday, January 13, 2013

13 Things - Places I've Been

This month's 13 on the 13th is my top favorite 13 places I've been. I've been so blessed to have seen so much of the world at my age, and (almost) every trip has been an incredible adventure (there have been occasional roadtrips that had me pulling out my hair, but thankfully I'm a bit past that now). So here are my top 13. 

1. London
Pinned from here
2. Venice
From Google Images, via

3. Rome
From Pinterest via Wiki Answers
4. Florence
From Pinterest, via Tumblr, photo by Andy McGarry
5. Paris
From Pinterest via
6. Munich
From Pinterest, via Flikr
7. Neuchwanstein
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8. NYC
From via Google Images
9. Philadelphia
From via Google Images
10. New Hampshire
Photo by Rebecca Williams, via PreservationNation
11. Salem
Bush Gardens, my favorite spot. Photo from

12. Portland
Most accurate description of a city, ever. From
13. Los Angeles
The greatest city in the world, my beautiful LA.
Photo from Wikipedia

Okay, so I've technically lived in Los Angeles and the surrounding suburban area my entire life, but there are so many adventures to be had in LA and it's various parts (West LA, South Bay, Hollywood, Westwood, the beaches, etc.) that I really can't resist loving it.

That's all for now, tune in next month for more 13 on the 13th!


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