Wednesday, January 29, 2014

52 Lists - Week Four

This year I'm participating in Moorea Seal's 52 Lists project - a new list every week this year! Since I love making lists of things, I'm inflicting them on all of you. Head on over to her site HERE to check out all the lovely lists or join in yourself!

Week 4 - List Your Current & Future Goals and Dreams
Goals and dreams: I've got a lot of them.  This list was an interesting way to look at my goals in the sense of small picture and big picture; things I want to accomplish soon with concrete certainty and my someday-maybe pipe dreams. My "Current" list is stuff I want to accomplish by the end of 2014 (unless I specified some other end date), whereas my "Future" list is mostly on the dreams side of things rather than the goals side. You know what I mean. Here's my list:

+ finish deep cleaning and organizing the condo, and have my room consistently tidy by Christmas (this is a serious goal because I am rubbish at home/space organization)
+ save enough money to be able to cover rent when Gary moves out
+ polish 3 poems to submit to literary magazines by the end of summer
+ organize and catalog the library this summer
+ get into a solid routine of exercising every day (I'm making progress on this one!) 
+ write up a bunch of blog posts and work up to posting every week (the photo says every day, but what I meant to add - thoughts faster than pen! - was to write every day)
+ meet new people and make new friends

those colorful bits of paper are from my Happy Thoughts Jar
+ be a recognized, fiscally solvent writer
+ own a small house with a yellow kitchen, a garden, chickens, and a library [and a cat] (this little dream of mine has been in place for ages. I can't explain my obsession with having a sunny yellow kitchen, but it's ingrained in the dream. So's the window over the kitchen sink with lacy white curtains that looks into the garden. I'm a dreamer...) 
+ share my life with someone I love
+ have children
+ live in a foreign country (possibly the U.K. or Germany) for at least 6 months or longer
+ see my niece and nephew baptized in the Catholic Church  (ah, we've entered the pipe dream section of this list)
+ have tea with Francesca Lia Block
+ read thousands of really good books
+ start a literacy foundation
+ reform Catholic religious education/catechism instruction across the country (another dream I've had for a long, long time)
+ inspire someone
+ change the world
+ become a saint (formal canonization not required)

So, what are your goals for the rest of 2014? What are your dreams for the future? Do you dream of garden bungalows with yellow kitchens and blue libraries or something different? Let me know in comments....

Peace, love, and daydreams,


For more fun with 52 Lists, click down on "52 Lists" in the little categories section at the bottom of the post, and go over to Moorea Seal's site to see more!

Check out Moorea Seal's entire project at her blog below:

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