Monday, June 2, 2014

Answer Me This, Vol. 6 - Love and Cats

Linking up with Kendra over at Catholic All Year for her Answer Me This Q&A type link-up, which is fun and way easier than coming up with my own original bloggy content.

1. Do you have a smart phone?
 I do. It's the coolest gadget I've ever owned. It's also the only camera I have right now, which is why most of my photos are, well... iPhoney.

2. Which is your favorite meal of the day?
 This is hard. I really enjoy breakfast but my breakfast is always rushed. Lunch is usually my most substantial meal, and dinner is always a headache because I always get home so late and rarely have the energy or inclination to cook a real meal but I don't particularly love either of them.

So I'm gonna cop out, and stick with the tea theme that all of my Answer Me This-es have and say my favorite is my tea time meal on Sundays. I have little sweet sandwiches and a big pot of tea and some biscuits or veggies and do that instead of a proper lunch.

image credit Cupcakes&Cashmere

3. Shower or bath?
I do love baths. You can add stuff to them like sea salts or green tea or essential oils or bubbles Unfortunately I can almost only ever shower at my current residence because I share a bathroom with someone who doesn't understand the concept of keeping a clean shower/tub and there's just no way that... Just no. Also, our "tub" is tiny. It's meant for showers. That doesn't mean that I occasionally take a Thursday night and scrub it to within an inch of its life to immediately have a nice long soak.

From the Etsy shop FunkiFolkArt, listing here
via Pinterest

4. Think of a person you love. How many days have you been in love with that person?
651 days. He is my best friend, my cuddle-buddy, super cute, and really sweet even if he's occasionally demanding and a bit selfish. He's not that smart, but we like the same movies and he finds my habit of stacking books haphazardly onto shelves and nightstands endearing rather than annoying or even crazy. He lets me talk endlessly and while I don't always understand what he's saying, he has interesting input to our conversations. OH, and his name is Gatsby.

Call me a crazy cat lady if you must, but remember: Hemmingway, Mark Twain, and many other famous people really loved cats. I think I'm in good company with the cat-lovin'.

5.  What's the best church you've ever been inside of?
This is tricky. It would be so easy to say St. Peter's Basilica at the Vatican because that was so big and ancient and beautiful.

But there was another church, in Paris, in which a very beautiful thing happened - you could call it a miracle, I guess - and while I was hardhearted at the time, I look back on it fondly.

6.  Happy Feast of the Visitation! Has anyone ever come to help YOU? 
No, not really. I've never been pregnant or had a baby. When I had my appendix out the hospital kept me for 4 days after surgery and then I went home by myself and slept for a few days. I guess I haven't ever really had the occasion to ask for or need someone to help me. *shrug*

So that's it for this round of Answer Me This! If you have a blog, answer the questions and link up with us over at Kendra's in this post. Don't have a blog but still want to play? That's okay because this whole thing is made up and the posts don't matter - leave your answers in the comments either at Kendra's post or right here! I'd love to hear from you.


*Author's Note: Some of the photos in this post are not my property. I have given credit as best I could where the information was available. The pictures of the adorable cat and all of the text in this post is mine so please give credit if you wish to borrow. Thank you for not suing or stealing. xo* 

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