Monday, January 5, 2015

52 Lists, Week 1

Happy New Year!!!!!!!

You may (or may not) recall that last year I attempted to participate in the 52 Lists Project. However, the person behind the project abandoned it after Week 20 - less than halfway through the year. So I, too, abandoned the project. But now I'm back for a new year and I've created my own lists to supplement the second half of the year. My goal is to post on Mondays, since there are exactly 52 Mondays in 2015. I could have done Fridays, but that's when we do Pinteresting so Mondays are the plan.

Week 1: List the Words that Touch Your Soul

Most of the words on this list are the same as they were last year, with a few additions. I love words in general, but here are some of my current favorites:

+thrill      + Gatsby      +agape     +whiskers      +sift      +beloved       +stars      +fantasy      +solemn

+castle      +oceans      +imagination     +wonderful       +blossom    +whisper      +susurrous

+petrichor       +infinity      +embroider       +delight    +subversive     +wishes      +sacred      +wifty

+watercolor      +dignity      +hypergraphia        +compassion      +elsewhere      +scripturient

+luscious       +darling         +fathom         +desire        +madness       +seduce     +quiet

+light      +constellation

There you have it, my 39 favorite words as of right this second. 

You can visit HERE to get a list of your own! Some people do their lists in notebooks, scrapbooks, Flikr photos, etc., but you do you!

What are some of your favorite words? Let me know in comments!

Happy 2015, lovelies....



For more fun with 52 Lists, click down on "52 Lists" in the little categories section at the bottom of the post, and go over to Moorea Seal's site to see more!

Check out Moorea Seal's entire project at her blog below:   

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