Monday, January 19, 2015

52 Lists, Week 3

Happy Monday! Welcome to my 52 Lists Project, wherein I feature one list every week for 2015. To join in with your own list, scroll down to the link at the bottom, print out your own list, and then share it however you wish!

Week 3: List the Things You Should Be Proud Of

This list is always difficult for me because when I look at my life in a "big picture" kind of way, I don't see much that's changed since I left school and became a secretary. But when I look closer, especially at the last few months and weeks, I see some changes I've implemented and I'm really proud of the progress I've made.

  • my job
  • teaching Confirmation
  • I was brave and gave online dating a try
  • I'm managing my anxiety better than ever
  • I've managed my money well enough that I can afford rent and all of my bills/student loans and still put a little bit of money in my savings account each month
  • I'm eating really healthy right now (I still don't like quinoa but I'm eating it anyway)
  • I've been getting up early and getting to work earlier
  • I've been exercising more regularly
  • I've made a cleaning schedule and stuck to it
  • I'm reading more this year
  • I'm keeping myself better organized and sticking to my plans better
  • I'm writing more - both on the blog and in my personal journals
  • my progress on my Wildflowers Cardigan
  • my pretty good relationship with both my sisters

So there you have it! They seem kind of small, but for now I'm quite pleased with myself and these little things. I should also add that I have made my bed almost every single day of 2015 (I skip the occasional weekend morning) and I'm proud of that, too.

What are you proud of? What goals have you met or started to make progress on? Let me know in comments or with a list of your own!

Hope you have a lovely Monday...



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  1. I love this 52 lists idea!!! I'll be following along :)

    1. Thanks, Theresa! It's a really fun project and I like having set prompts to reflect on each week. :)


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