Monday, May 4, 2015

52 Lists, Week 18

Happy Monday! Welcome to my 52 Lists Project, wherein I feature one list every week for 2015. To join in with your own list, scroll down to the link at the bottom, print out your own list, and then share it however you wish!

Week 18: List the Ways You Are Energized
I'm more of a person who likes ways to calm or relax (having generalized anxiety makes those a priority) but there are good kinds of energy, too, and I like being filled with that positive buzz. Here's this week's list:
  • stepping out of an overly air conditioned house or office into hot sunshine
  •  going for brisk walks in the autumn and winter
  • cold showers in the summer
  • that strange urge to run (does anyone else ever have that?) - and then running, full tilt, until you fall down
  • getting up early and doing tons of small tasks before the rest of the world is awake
  • drinking cucumber water
  • the endorphin high after a really good workout
  • dancing
  • singing to upbeat music in the car
  • being silly with my sisters
  • playing card games with my cousins
  • intense bonding during retreats
  • the beginning of a journey/adventure

I will spend time re-energizing this week by...
making time to walk in the evenings with my new roommate!

There you have it - and yes, the roommate is officially here! We haven't talked about how she wants to be represented on the blog yet so for now I will strictly refer to her as the Roommate or Roomie. 

What about you? How do you fill up the energy reserves? What gives you that buzz of energy to go out and do stuff? Let me know in comments or with a list of your own!



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