Thursday, November 19, 2015

Yarn Along - Lila's Tallulah, Week 11

Salutations! Obviously one of my favorite things is reading, but I'm also very fond of knitting. Ginny over at Small Things hosts a lovely little weekly link-up where we showcase what we're working on and what we're reading. Once you're done here, head on over and see what everyone else is up to!


Sooooooo close! I'm posting this late because last night I finished the last 2 rows of ribbing around the button bands/neck band that I had left to officially finish the knitting part of this sweater!!! I still have to weave in all the ends (I'm looking at you, lunch break) and then it has to go for a ride in the washing machine on delicate before I sew on the buttons. This time next week I'll have lovely pictures to show you of two finished Hanukkah sweaters before I wrap them up and tuck them away for the next three weeks. (Can you believe Hanukkah is only three weeks away!? Advent is only 2 weeks away and I'm so excited!!!) 

I went to the LIBRARY! Well, I took my sister to the library but I was there, too, and spotted a book I've wanted to read for ages and now I have it (temporarily, of course). My Life in France by Julia Child, based on the letters she and her husband Paul wrote to their friends and siblings while they were in Paris and later in Marseilles. I've been fascinated by Julia Child since watching Julie & Julia way back when. While I didn't care for "Julie" at all, I loved Julia (at least as she was portrayed in the film). I'm liking it so far, despite not being very far into it just yet. I plan on making considerable headway during my two days off over Thanksgiving before I dive into the rest of my Christmas knitting (2 hats, 1 pair of mittens, and 1 pair of fingerless gloves to go! YIKES). 

That's it for me today. You can also find notes and detailed specs on this project on my Ravelry Page. For more of what I'm reading, find me on Goodreads. What have you been reading and knitting lately? Let me know in comments and then head over to Ginny's to see what everyone else is up to!


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