Friday, August 24, 2012


 "When I'm knitting, all is right with the world:
problems reduced to knit and purl."

   I can't really believe that I've been blogging for 2+ years and have yet to bring up my knitting. *shame* I know this blog doesn't have any real theme or point or focus (other than me and my life drama), but I really am trying to remedy that. I'm working on several short pieces of writing, which will be featured, I have a blog (or seven) about my new roommate, and then this new feature!

This series (which just might become its own separate blog?) is called "Unraveled: At My Knit's End." That little line of brilliance was going to be the t-shirt for my knit/crochet club at LMU, but since I dropped out, the club kinda died. Anyway, this series is going to be all about knitting! (with the occasional crochet piece.) Basically, I just wanted a place to dump knitting stuff so that my knitting friends in various places that are not local can see my progress and what's up in my yarny universe.

It will focus primarily on my personal knitting projects, but if, in the course of my internet lurking, I come across something wonderful (and get permission from the author), I might post that with links and such. I'm also working on a series of character sketches of the various knitters, crocheters, and other crafters that I encounter at the purlSide. I've got a few started, and I hope to have a few up in the next few weeks. Don't worry, I don't plan on naming names should I do a sketch on the people I find obnoxious. Maybe I'll do all the obnoxious people in just one post... Hmmmm... But I'll try to also feature some of their projects if they'll let me.

What I'm aiming for is to have my special features (Unraveled, Write One Leaf, new roommate...) updated weekly. So that would result in multiple posts to the blog per week. Which would be cool. Subscribers: It's not too late for me to take you off the list if you don't want to be inundated with e-mails that I've added a new knitting project...

BUT: Those interested can check the "unraveled" tag for all my knit-related posts.

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