Wednesday, January 8, 2014

52 Lists - Week One

SO I was toodling around on Pinterest (so fun and so conducive to procrastination) a few months ago and found something pretty neat. This lady Moorea Seal (link to her website down at the bottom) started the 52 Lists project last year and is back at it this year. An avid lover of lists myself, I think I'll join in. She updates every week. I'll see if I can do that, but it's entirely possible that a bunch of lists will be backdated and uploaded all at once. No promises.

BUT LISTS. They're fun and have fun topics and I just think it's a fun idea!

Week 1: List the Words that Touch Your Soul
I love words. Words are among my favorite things in the world, so this list was both easy and difficult to come up with. Here are the words that touch my soul:

Some explaining:
wifty (adj.) eccentric or eccentrically silly; dizzy
hypergraphia (n.) a behavioral condition characterized by an intense desire to write.  This is an actual medical condition often associated with epilepsy and other syndromes. However, my love for this word comes from its more creative, artistic use by Francesca Lia Block in one of her poems from her collected titled An Open Letter to Quiet Light. You should absolutely go read it.
scripturient (adj.) having a consuming passion to write. This is, I think, self-explanatory. And it's such a pretty word to say!
agape (n.) one of the 4 Greek types of love; love that is selfless, unconditional, and unending; the love of God for humanity.
susurrous (n.) the sound of wind whispering in trees; a murmuring sound
petrichor (n.) the smell of dust after rain. At least, that's what it means according to Doctor Who.

So that's my first list. It's not anywhere near a complete listing of my favorite words, but it does come quite close. For more fun with 52 Lists, click down on "52 Lists" in the little categories section at the bottom of the post, and go over to Moorea Seal's site to see more!

Check out Moorea Seal's entire project at her blog below:

Peace, love, and all that good stuff,


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