Wednesday, January 15, 2014

52 Lists - Week Two

This year I'm participating in Moorea Seal's 52 Lists project - a new list every week this year! Since I love making lists of things, I'm inflicting them on all of you. Head on over to her site HERE to check out all the lovely lists or join in yourself!

Week 2: List Your Greatest Comforts
My greatest comforts? This reminds me of Professor Slughorn from the Harry Potter series - man, did he like his creature comforts!  But here's my list (written out because I'm worried it might be a bit difficult to read in the photo):

+ Gatsby kitten cuddles      + a warm pot of Earl Grey tea     + saying the Rosary     +long quiet drives
+ knitting     + coffee dates     + Denny's with old friends     + sleeping in my own bed    
+ Christmas food     + my Oma quilt     + candles     + bubble baths     + chocolate covered mini pretzels     + coconut lotion     + sunny spring walks     + rose gardens     + letters     + pajamas     
+ barefeet     + someone else cooking for me     +listening to Bon Iver and The Weepies     + reading John Green novels     + reading poetry     + listening to Jane Austen audio books     + Harry Potter marathons     + Doctor Who reruns     + having houseplants     + going to church      + reading my old writing     + reading my own journals     + singing in the car     + giving gifts     + listening to classical music     + playing piano     + my typewriter     + fresh flowers

So... What are some of your greatest comforts? What are the things that make you feel safe and warm? Let me know in comments or something!

Peace, love, etc., etc....


For more fun with 52 Lists, click down on "52 Lists" in the little categories section at the bottom of the post, and go over to Moorea Seal's site to see more!

Check out Moorea Seal's entire project at her blog below:

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