Wednesday, February 5, 2014

52 Lists - Week Five

This year I'm participating in Moorea Seal's 52 Lists project - a new list every week this year! Since I love making lists of things, I'm inflicting them on all of you. Head on over to her site HERE to check out all the lovely lists or join in yourself!

Week 5: List What You Are Grateful For
Things I'm grateful for - always something so important. With this list the thoughts just kept on coming, so I tried to be a bit creative. Obviously I'm thankful for my life, for being alive and living in a country where I have so much freedom (it's not perfect but it's better than other places) and having a family that loves me (even if they don't always show it) and so on and so forth. This was all around a really good exercise in looking at things I take for granted - other than having clean, running water and indoor plumbing.  So here's my list:

+ having a nice place to live     + cheap rent (thanks, Mom & Dad)     + living in a beautiful city near a pretty park     + having space to keep my grandmother's furniture and all my books     +my job, with flexible hours, a mostly easy-going boss, and being allowed to bring my cat to work     + getting paid well enough to pay bills and buy food     + having a (mostly) reliable car     + my best friend and resident fuzzball, Gatsby     + having the time and opportunity to supplement my income with babysitting jobs     + having one of those babysitting jobs run for almost 4 years and being treated like part of their family     + the awesomeness of the Vlogbrothers     + being able to count my little sisters amongst my closest friends     + having health insurance and access to health care     + my Catholic faith     + clean water, electricity, internet & telephone access, and other modern amenities     + penpals     + music, art, literature, dancing, and the privilege of growing up with those things     + parents who believe in the importance of exposing their children to culture and the arts     + getting to be part of my niece and nephew's lives     + having a large, crazy, beautiful extended family     + that I got the opportunity to travel across Western Europe with my mom, my best friend, and some awesome tour guides at only 17     + my exceptional education (thanks, Mom & Dad!)     + beautiful days, unforgettable nights     + stars and moonlight     + hope     + a world where there are Christmases

I couldn't get a really clear photos of this list because of a certain furry someone. See below.

So, so much to be grateful for - what an amazing life it is.  Of course this list isn't complete, but I was beginning to run out of room on my paper, as you can see.

What are you grateful for? What are the things that remind you how incredible life is?

Peace love and thanksgiving,


Bonus take:
Every time I use my phone to take pictures, he needs to be involved.

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