Wednesday, February 12, 2014

52 Lists - Week Six

This year I'm participating in Moorea Seal's 52 Lists project - a new list every week this year! Since I love making lists of things, I'm inflicting them on all of you. Head on over to her site HERE to check out all the lovely lists or join in yourself!

Week 6 - List the Ways in which You can Love Others
Loving others. It sounds so easy, but this list required a lot of creative thinking. I know a lot of people who are linking up with this mostly go specific - which is great - but I wanted to think of more general, everyday ways to love others. There are some that are very specific, but a lot of them are just daily reminders that I need to be more conscious of. The list:

+ exercise patience - don't yell or be sarcastic     + be encouraging    + be optimistic and positive - even when I don't want to be     + be sincere when asking "How are you?"     + give gifts just because + let cars merge     + pray for people who annoy/upset/are not loving to me     + send my mom flowers     + be a useful employee to Dad     + focus more on listening and less on talking     + be gracious     + give people the benefit of the doubt     +call people on their birthday      + be giving/generous     + give my full attention     + don't complain - be grateful     + write thank you notes for little things      +get to work on time or early     + take Oma out to lunch     + be fun, understanding, and a good role model to my sisters     + compliment freely and sincerely (and often!)

sorry for the fuzzy photo

Wow, a lot of these are mostly about just being more positive. Admittedly, I do tend to be more on the doom and gloom side of things, and I do think I should complain less.

How are you going to be loving this week?



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