Wednesday, February 19, 2014

52 Lists - Week Seven

This year I'm participating in Moorea Seal's 52 Lists project - a new list every week this year! Since I love making lists of things, I'm inflicting them on all of you. Head on over to her site HERE to check out all the lovely lists or join in yourself!

Week 7 - List Things that Make You Feel Healthy - Mind, Body & Soul
Health is a big thing these days, and now that I'm entering my mid-20s (cue freak-out montage), my health is becoming something I'm more interested in. Eating broccoli used to be a chore - now I'm really good at sneaking veggies into a variety of dishes. I even floss now!  And a few years ago, I had to do a lot of quick-learning about how to take care of my mind and spirit in addition to caring for my physical well-being. Here's my list:

+ reading challenging or thought-provoking books     + discussing books or theology with friends     + writing letters     + long drives     + brain games     +watching Vlogbrothers "Thoughts from Places" videos     + reading blogs that present clear arguments on various topics that allow me to think critically     + getting my daily work done and the satisfaction of being productive     +getting my thoughts and reflections out in my journal

+ getting plenty of sleep     + drinking water     + taking vitamins     + going for walks by myself        + drinking tea (green)      + riding my bike around the neighborhood      + stretching in the morning and before bed     + making sure to get fruits or veggies in at every meal and snack break     + doing yoga     + dancing while I clean the house

+ long baths     + watching movies that genuinely make me laugh     + staying up late or getting up early to read, write, and pray      + listening to happy music     + being fully present at mass and adoration     + buying flowers for the kitchen table     + hugs     + singing     + dancing with abandon     + saying the Rosary

sorry again for the bad lighting - I keep trying to fix them but then they go fuzzy and...
well, iPhones probably aren't the best blog photographers

So those are the things that make me feel like a healthy individual. What healthy habits can you work into your day? I'm gonna go drink a nice, tall glass of water.



For more fun with 52 Lists, click down on "52 Lists" in the little categories section at the bottom of the post, and go over to Moorea Seal's site to see more!

Check out Moorea Seal's entire project at her blog below:

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