Sunday, August 17, 2014

Answer Me This, Vol. 16 - SuperWhoLock and 90s TV

Welcome to Answer Me This! The Q&A style linkup hosted by Kendra over at Catholic All Year. It's the internet's favorite cocktail party!

1.  What is your favorite room in the house?
I spend most of my time in the living room, but now that I think about it I don't really have a favorite room. This is mostly because I don't like where I live and with whom I live and why I live there. Hopefully soon I'll be moving into a two bedroom place and I'll be able to convert the second bedroom into an office/library/study type of room with my desk and papers in it. Ideally I'll be able to put a futon or something in there as well to be able to convert it into a kind of guest room if necessary. (I know, I can barely afford where I'm living now so thinking I'll be able to live in a 2 bedroom place by myself is crazy but I can dream, you know!)

2. Do you subscribe to any magazines or periodicals?
I do! I have a subscription to The New Yorker which I plan on cancelling (I thought it would be intellectually stimulating but instead it's just taking up tons of space). I subscribe to Poets & Writers as well as Writer's Digest and The Sun. Those three I quite enjoy.

3. How do you feel about the sign of peace in Mass? Enriching? Awkward? Overdone? Just right? Some combination of the above?


Because I usually attend the teen mass, I find it excessive and overdone as the teens form a mob and try to hug every.single.person. It's great that they're filled with love and I think that's important but they mistake it for social hour. I enjoy the Saturday night vigil mass when I can make it because it's still very warm and welcoming and joyful, but still more restrained and reverent. I love that the sign of peace is still part of our liturgy but there's a distinct disruption of the reverence accorded to the consecrated Eucharist when people are running around in the aisles to hug people in other pews. Give a hug or a kiss or shake hands and smile but remember that Jesus is sitting up there.

4. What is your least favorite sound?
Nails on a chalkboard.

Also the strangled cat noises that fill the house when my uncle decides to "sing" in the shower. I usually have to check and make sure he isn't actually strangling the cat.

5. What was your favorite TV show (or shows) growing up?
My "I grew up in the 90s and was a teen in the 2000s" is about to show in a really big way...

I loved Recess and Boy Meets World and Lizzie McGuire and As Told by Ginger. They were just so good. I feel like they were actually about friendship and family and the stuff that's really important without being obnoxious and obvious about it because they were still really entertaining.  Once I got into middle school I stopped watching as much TV and by the time I was in high school, the internet almost completely replaced it. However, I still have very fond memories of watching those shows and talking about them with my friends at school the next day.

6. What are your favorite TV shows now? 
Currently on air? Supernatural, Doctor Who, Sherlock (BBC), and Top Gear: UK. Otherwise, I don't really watch TV on a television. I watch shows that ended ages ago on Netflix. I'm currently on season 7 of House: M.D. 

*If you find yourself suffering from SuperWhoLock Syndrome, please consult your local fanbase on Tumblr or Pinterest for support.*

So that's it for this round of Answer Me This! If you have a blog, answer the questions and link up with us over at Kendra's in this post. Don't have a blog but still want to play? That's okay because this whole thing is made up and the posts don't matter - leave your answers in the comments either at Kendra's post or right here! I'd love to hear from you.


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