Friday, August 22, 2014

New Feature - Pinteresting

I'd like to try to do a weekly round-up of my favorite pins. This is partly inspired by Knitted Bliss's Pin-Ups series and partly because I spend a lot of time on Pinterest. I really love it.

My boards vary from recipes to fandom to cute cat pictures to knitting patterns to clever craft projects as well as ideas for teaching and stuff I'd like to do with/for my future children. I also like gardens and home decor. My pinning is pretty eclectic but I pin a lot. I've got more people following my Pinboards than reading my blog!

SO. Some of my favorite pins this week are:


This Lighted Burlap Garland would look so pretty in lieu of an evergreen swag on our staircase. I usually try to decorate our stairs somehow, but I really love the look of the lights and the colored fabric. I imagine you could use Christmas themed fabric or even just colored cotton or something since sometimes burlap is expensive. (Yes, I was looking at Christmas decorations in August. It's been really hot lately and I'm pretty much done with summer, okay?) If I was really ambitious, I might try to do a garland like this for different seasons or in different colors or something and keep the string lights strictly for Christmas, but I don't think I'm willing to dedicate that kind of time to this.


My sisters' Sweet 16 party is coming up and we're thinking about DIYing a photobooth so they and their friends can have a bunch of fun pictures. I've been spending a great deal of my Pinterest time looking at other people's projects, from the extremely extravagant to the kind of pathetic. We're shooting for something easy and simple but with a cool visual effect. 

3) Which brings me to:

Right now we're thinking about either streamers, a balloon wall, or some kind of funky beaded or glittery or sequined curtain against a solid colored plastic party tablecloth. Cheap and simple but a visual treat. We hope. I'll try to post pics of the process once I finish the "research and development" phase. Maybe in a couple weeks.


This is one of my new favorite things: the various Tumblr scenarios in which we imagine modern muggleborns at Hogwarts. This isn't the funniest one but it's the one I've pinned most recently and it's still pretty entertaining. I'm not sure where I found it (probably in the bowels of Tumblr), but I saw one about muggleborns singing Queen and trying to figure out wi-fi at Hogwarts...


I really want a ton of butterfly lavender around my house. It's pretty, it smells nice, it cleans the air (if it's an inside plant - but it needs full sun!), and lavender is really, really, really good for bees. And bees are important if you - like me - enjoy eating good food.


I wasn't kidding about the cute cat pictures. This is pretty much what Gatsby looked like when he was little. His head's bigger now but his whiskers are certainly as long. That's the fun thing about having a tabby - most of them look quite alike.
I hope you've enjoyed this (and the larger font - I'm trying it out to see if it's more legible). I had a fun time curating my favorite, most recent pins. If you're not currently on Pinterest, make sure you take a moment to say goodbye to your loved ones before you log on, because there's no going back! You can follow me on Pinterest (any or all of my boards, find your cup of tea) HERE.


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