Friday, September 12, 2014

Pinteresting, Vol. 2

Happy Friday, Friends and Pinners alike!

I realize I missed last Friday - I'm sure none of you were devastated. But I'm back with more! Things around here have been very busy (I say "here" meaning my life, not "here" as in the blog), because OH MY GAWD JAC and MARY'S SWEET SIXTEEN IS IN THREE WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!! I can't even handle the stress I'm internalizing. It's gonna be a blast, though. That is, it will be a blast if any of their crappy little friends R.S.V.P. Why does no one R.S.V.P. or send thank you notes or talk on the phone anymore? What's up with that? ANYWAY. Pinteresting picks this week are below. Have fun!


These are actually called SugarTats, temporary tattoos that make it look like you've painted your face. There are nose, mouth, eye, and face tats that apply like regular old temp tats and look really cute. However, if I run out of time (or money), a little face paint, a floppy hat, plaid shirt, jeans, and some straw sticking out of sleeves and hair will do. I'm looking for a really easy costume this year (if I dress up at all) because I don't have the time or the energy to go all out on making my longed for Rainbow Brite costume.


Pin links to a post at Amongst Lovely Things and this really beautiful article Sarah wrote about how to make the most of your kids' early years. I don't have kids and I don't homeschool, but if you have little ones in your life, this is a wonderful read. So insightful and important.


You may be thinking, "Willow, you crazy cat lady, Christmas is still almost 4 months away!" My response to this is: "Actually, dear reader, Christmas is a mere 14.5 weeks away." You may allow your jaws to drop. Can you imagine how yummy these 2 ingredient (not edible) ornaments would smell on a fresh cut pine tree? How you could make a zillion of them and give them to your friends, neighbors, and stinky relatives? I'm so excited to make these as Advent gifts. Also, because I believe in giving credit where credit is due, please note that the lovely photo I pinned was inspired by THIS post at Katy Elliot.


Seriously this looks so good. I love spinach, I love feta and parmesan cheese, what is not to love about this??? Actually, if I do make this I may substitute the brown rice for quinoa or something because rice isn't my favorite grain but I'm not sure if it would actually work. We'll see. It just looks so good! I'm sure you could also sneak some kale in with the spinach for a super green powerhouse of a meal.


It's a crochet hippopotamus, get it? This is so stinking adorable. The pattern is for sale on Ravelry and I just can't handle how precious it is with its little ears and the grey in contrast to the white and pink flowers... I love this so much. I'm really anxious for my friend C------- to have kids so I can fill that child's nursery with handicrafted jungle animals like giraffes and elephants and this here happy hippo.


I mentioned the Masquerade Sweet Sixteen thing, right? And how I'm completely losing my freaking mind over throwing an epic party in less than a month? Yeah. These inspired our cardstock invitations, which I will share in a post in the near future. I'm thinking it might be a 2 post miniseries detailing "how we did it" for less than $300 (our budget is actually $200 but I'm allowing for a few excesses). Ours were not quite as elaborate as these and were handwritten because printing was exorbitant but I still think they came out very pretty. I'll post all about it in a few weeks, once we actually pull it off. :)  If you're interested in my Sweet Sixteen dedicated board on Pinterest, please go here. It's pretty cool how much neat ideas I've found.


Seriously, I'm talking cute safari nursery theme. Always knit (or in this case, crochet) for babies.

That's it for this week's edition of Pinteresting! I always enjoy curating my favorite, most recent pins. If you're not currently on Pinterest, make sure you take a moment to say goodbye to your loved ones before you log on, because there's no going back! You can follow me on Pinterest (any or all of my boards, find your cup of tea) HERE.


  1. The spinach feta casserole sounds delicious! Already downloaded the recipe and sent it to my mom to check out as well. Thanks so much for posting about it!

    1. The recipe looks super yummy. If you try it out, let me know because if it's as good as it looks it may be a new staple in my kitchen.


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