Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Yarn Along - Wildflowers, Week 4

Greetings! Obviously one of favorite things is reading, but I also quite love knitting. Ginny over at Small Things hosts a lovely little link-up so once you're done here go visit and see what everyone else is up to.

The back is finished!!! 222 rows of stockinette plus 11 rows of shortrow shaping and the back is finished!!! (Well, it's currently blocking, unlike what is shown in the pictures, but loooooook!)

The current, unblocked dimensions are about 20 inches across and about 18 inches from edge to the top of the shoulders. I'll share next week what the blocked dimensions come to.  The shoulder shaping and short rows were a little nerve wracking because the whole time my brain is singing, "Don't screw up, don't screw up. You can't go back if you screw this up." My inner voice is a real sweetheart, isn't she?

I was in Salem, OR over the weekend (might post about it later this week but I didn't take a single picture so I'm not sure you just want a block of text...) and didn't bring any reading material because I knew that my aunt would have some lovely somethings for me to read - and I was working like mad to get this knitting done for our deadline of tomorrow evening. She leant me this lovely little book:

This book. It feels like a coffee table book, but I read it cover to cover. I love the watercolor illustrations, and I loved the author's voice - so conversational. While there are moments when she says really beautiful, profound things, in later chapters she becomes a bit pretentious - as if by not having this one French candle I might as well be a cave-dweller. I went into it knowing that this woman writes from a slightly upper-crust Manhattan perspective (worlds away from my blue collar roots), so it wasn't overly surprising. Overall, it was a very nice book, with clearly separated chapters, lots of practical advice, and it's easy to see how her methods can be applied to even my tiny, low-budget home.

When I get my own copy I'll post a more thorough review, I think. 

Oh! I also started reading the first book in the Song of Ice and Fire series, The Game of Thrones on the plane ride back from Portland. I'm only about 40 pages in and I'm not sure if I like it. It's violent (which I knew) but intriguing. It's reminding me how long it's been since I've read real, true fantasy for adults. Not sure if I'll keep reading or not.

On Friday we start casting on for the fronts and on Sunday we'll be working on the gorgeous wildflower pocket chart so next week hopefully I'll have lots more pretty to show you.

If you want to know what else I've got on my needles, head on over to my Ravelry page for a look-see.

That's it for me today.  What have you been knitting and reading lately? Let me know in comments and then head over to Ginny's to see what everyone else is up to!



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