Monday, February 2, 2015

52 Lists, Week 5

Happy Monday! Welcome to my 52 Lists Project, wherein I feature one list every week for 2015. To join in with your own list, scroll down to the link at the bottom, print out your own list, and then share it however you wish!

*I'm in Salem today! I'm coming home tonight but I wanted to post this ahead of time anyway.*

Week 5: List What You Are Grateful For
This list is always long, and always feels incomplete or insufficient because so, so much in my life is so very good (even when I can't really see it).
  • I can afford my rent
  • I have a stable, well-paying job that allows me some flexibility
  • I have the time and energy to keep my home cleaner
  • I have space to keep my books
  • Gatsby
  • Catholic bloggers
  • my knitting friends
  • I have a reliable car
  • extra babysitting jobs
  • Vlogbrothers videos
  • my Catholic faith
  • penpals
  • counting my sisters among my closest friends
  • still having health insurance and affordable healthcare
  • music, art, literature, and dancing - and growing up with parents who exposed their children to culture and the arts
  • my large, crazy, beautiful extended family
  • mini-vacations to Salem, OR
  • the opportunity to travel so much when I was younger
  • living in a world where there are Christmases
  • living in a world where books are so accessible (and becoming more and more accessible to more and more people!)

So there's my list! It is, of course, far from complete. I feel like it's pretty obvious that I'm grateful for the roof over my head and the fact that I know how to read and was educated and live in the 21st century with all its conveniences and modern medicine and on and on and on. I wanted this list to be really specific and pared down a little, if that makes sense. 

What are you grateful for? What specific blessings can you not imagine living without? Let me know in comments or with a list of your own!

Happy Monday, brave ones....



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