Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Yarn Along - Tali's Tallulah, Week 2

Greetings! Obviously one of favorite things is reading, but I also quite love knitting. Ginny over at Small Things hosts a lovely little link-up so once you're done here go visit and see what everyone else is up to.

Thank you all for your sweet birthday wishes last week. On to the knitting!!!!
My purple Tallulah for little Talia is coming along beautifully. I'm remembering what I love so much about knitting sweaters for small people: they work up so quickly! I even measured the little one I'm knitting for on Saturday and her chest measurements for the size I'm making are dead on. I also got her measurements for the length of her arms from shoulder to elbow and then armpit to waist/hips just so I can make sure it's long enough in those places. 

I'm just about ready to divide the sleeves as I'm almost done with the armhole increases, then it's a few inches of stockinette for the body before I start the ribbing at the bottom. Then it's finishing the sleeves and working the neck and button bands. Wow this sweater is going fast!

Reading: I finished reading Camino de Santiago: Practical Preparation and Background on Monday evening. It was a perfectly practical guidebook and I'm very glad I got it. It's written by a man who's walked the Camino many, many times and has a great deal of sound advice to offer. After I finished it, I dove into To The Field of Stars by Fr. Kevin A. Codd. I'm excited to read about the Camino from the perspective of a religious person, after reading about it from the perspective of a non-religious person (my review is here). I'll let you know if I find it edifying. So far the prose is poetic and beautiful but I'm only in the first chapter.

That's it for me today. You can also find notes and detailed specs on this project on my Ravelry Page. What have you been reading and knitting lately? Let me know in comments and then head over to Ginny's to see what everyone else is up to!



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  1. The Tallulah looks fabulous and such a gorgeous colour.

    1. Thanks, Lucy. :) Next week I should have better pictures of the body and sleeves. (I hope!)


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