Thursday, September 3, 2015

Yarn Along - Pont Neuf, Wk 1&2 and Lila's Tallulah, Wks 4,5, 6

Greetings! Obviously one of my favorite things is reading, but I'm also very fond of knitting. Ginny over at Small Things hosts a lovely little weekly link-up where we showcase what we're working on and what we're reading. Once you're done here, head on over and see what everyone else is up to!

Y'all, I've lost track of how long I've been working on Lila's Tallulah cardi. But I'm still trucking! I seriously struggle with pattern fatigue and I always always forget that. Make two hats in the same pattern for my sisters for Christmas! Omg is it over yet I hate this pattern so much now. Make fingerless gloves! Omg do I really have to make two of them??? I'm slowly beginning to feel that with the Tallulah cardigan. I adore the pattern because it's simple, logical, and lovely. But it's a bit boring after a while. Miles of stockinette it feels like. Yeesh. I need to plug back into my audiobooks...

 The color isn't very true in this picture - it's really quite pink.

We started our Pont Neuf sweaters last week at Jaimie's house. We initially picked a different pullover-type sweater but since none of us were wild about it we decided to find one that we all actually really liked. I'd never done a provisional cast-on before and I wound up ripping mine out and starting over because my initial crochet chain cast on was waaay too tight. I'm almost 40 rows in and just over halfway through the initial yoke increases. I really like the pattern so far - it's interesting without being impossibly difficult, which I think is an important balance. Also, I just love this color. It's not a color I usually wear so I think it'll be really really pretty when it's done. 

  Reading: I had to put Sense & Sensibility down. I just wasn't enjoying it and life's too short! I know I'll come back to it someday but until then... I downloaded the Audible version of The Secret History read by the author herself, Donna Tart! I'd heard amazing things about it on the internet from people whose tastes I resonate with and oh, they were right! It's one of those stories where you know what happens from the beginning, but the how it all happens is the really interesting bit. Also, the prose is blisteringly beautiful. A little self-indulgent perhaps, but I love it anyway. I also really like that I can't tell what year it's set in. I'm thinking the late-70s or 80s because no one has a computer or a cell phone but there are references to things that happened in the late-60s and college financial aid is a thing. It's set a bit outside of time, which is kind of nice. I'm not quite halfway through (the audiobook is 22 hours long!!!) but it's really great to listen to while I'm doing all these increase rows since the increases are easy to memorize and otherwise it's straight stockinette.

That's it for me today. You can also find notes and detailed specs on this project on my Ravelry Page. For more of what I'm reading, find me on Goodreads.What have you been reading and knitting lately? Let me know in comments and then head over to Ginny's to see what everyone else is up to!


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