Monday, June 16, 2014

Answer Me This, Vol. 8 - Kissing and Cleaning

Welcome to Answer Me This! The Q&A style linkup hosted by Kendra over at Catholic All Year which is super fun and easier than coming up with my own content. (Or I'm just really self-absorbed and love answering surveys. Who cares!)

1. What's something you intended to do today, but didn't?
Um, all the things? I'm making serious efforts to focus on routine and eating every two hours and being more organized this summer but it's like, mid-June and I haven't done that yet. Partly because I just got back from vacation and have been putting in 10 hour days at the office but also I'm lazy and tired and bad at being a grown-up. Since I'm posting this on Monday I'm gonna say that I meant to deep clean the kitchen and the bathroom over the weekend but that sure hasn't happened.
2. What's your favorite grilling recipe?
I don't grill. I have a little Foreman grill thingy that I've used a couple times since I got it like 5 years ago and I got another little grilling appliance for Christmas which is still in the box but... I'm pretty sure I've said this before: I'm really, really, really bad at making myself dinner. It's ridiculous and laughable. My favorite thing to eat that has been grilled (not by me because I can't afford it) is salmon. Grilled salmon in the summertime is one of my favorite things. Really truly. I'm hoping to find frozen salmon fillets on sale at Target or something soon so I can try it with my new little grill thingy.

I have it on questionable authority that this is true.
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3. What movie did you see the most recently?
The Fault in Our Stars, the critically acclaimed film adaptation of the best-selling novel by John Green! I read that book when it came out last May and oh, how I adored it. I saw it on Thursday night. I was supposed to go with my sisters and their friends (and a soon-to-be boyfriend of the younger one) but I worked later than I thought so I went to the later showing by myself. It was a really good movie! I laughed, other people cried (I don't cry in movie theaters), it was a really good movie.

Can I just say that I really don't like the caption? It's lame.
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4. Would you say your tendency is to over or under react to medical situations?
I think I react appropriately in general. I mean, when I passed out on that train platform in France I was going into shock so I feel like unconsciousness was an appropriate reaction for the circumstances of being in extreme pain. I like to think I'm relatively cool-headed since I usually whip out bandages and whatnot. I dunno, maybe I underreact?

5. Do you squeeze the toothpaste tube or roll it?
Since I used a non-tube toothpaste for years I would just squeeze. However, I recently acquired a tube-tube of toothpaste and I intend to squeeze it until rolling it becomes necessary.

6. What are you doing for Father's Day? 
Since my dad is taking a business trip I think we're not doing anything. I'll be putting in additional hours at the office and then cleaning the house but that should be about it. BUT here is a picture of my dad, doing what he usually does: torturing playing with my cat

So that's it for this round of Answer Me This! If you have a blog, answer the questions and link up with us over at Kendra's in this post. Don't have a blog but still want to play? That's okay because this whole thing is made up and the posts don't matter - leave your answers in the comments either at Kendra's post or right here! I'd love to hear from you.


*Author's Note: Only the last three pictures in this post are my property. The others belong to various other Internet Dwellers.  I've given credit as best I can where I could; thank you for not suing me. *

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