Friday, January 30, 2015

Pinteresting, Vol 12

Happy Friday and welcome to Pinteresting! The part of the show where I roundup my favorite pins from this week and share them with the world. I pin recipes, decorating ideas, religious stuff, teaching thoughts, funny stuff from Tumblr, kids' activities, crafting ideas, knitting/crochet patterns, and cute cat pictures.

Sorry if y'all have really missed this feature (I'm sure you haven't). The pinning's been slow lately and I've been working on other projects so I haven't been spending as much time searching out brilliant new pins. 


I've read and practiced dozens of different ways to get my messy, curly locks into something resembling a classy French twist (including this funky chopsticks version, which is neat but challenging) and this one I really like. I have long, thick hair, so when I put it in an up-do, I need security to reassure me that it's not going to be falling down awkwardly in the middle of dinner. That overlapping vertical line of bobby pins? That's the kind of security I like. 


 I really love this watercolor illustration (assuming that's what it actually is), but I think something like this would be such a cool tattoo. The stack of books, sailing ship, and typewriter are my favorite parts, but imagine how you could customize and personalize this concept! The wheels in my brain are turning, turning...


Lent is coming! Ash Wednesday is in less than 3 weeks (it feels like we only just finished Christmas and now we're jumping into Lent already!) and while it is one of my favorite parts of the liturgical year, I like to be prepared so I don't get overwhelmed. Simple, healthy, meat-free meals ready in my arsenal allow me to worry less about what I'm having for dinner and focus more on, you know, Lent. 


 First off, I adore Theresa at Ordinary Lovely. She's smart, funny, Catholic, and so very sweet. Also, she crochets. And sometimes, she shares her crochet "recipes" with her readers. This one is for really simple - but really pretty! - dishcloths. I dunno about you guys, but I'm always going through dishcloths and kitchen towels and using some cheap cotton yarn to make some myself just sounds like a useful thing to do, amiright?


I actually clicked through and found the true source (eBay) because the pin linked to someone's tumblr with a rather unsavory url that I wasn't comfortable linking to here. Anyway, these shoes are just really, really cute and cost about $30 plus shipping. I don't know if I absolutely have to have them since I'm not a huge shoe-wearer but I'm glad I know where to go looking if the fancy strikes.


It was my turn to host our Wildflower Cardigan knit-along last night, and I served these. I was inspired by pesto-stuffed cherry tomatoes a couple I babysit for made for a potluck (they left some on the counter for my dinner and oh my goodness they were yummy!). This recipe called for yeast, I have no idea why. I left it out. I used cherry tomatoes instead of big ones and served them on top of crackers. Maybe sometime soon I'll make the recipe and my edits a post of their own.

That's it for this week's edition of Pinteresting! I always enjoy curating my favorite, most recent pins. If you're not currently on Pinterest, make sure you take a moment to say goodbye to your loved ones before you log on, because there's no going back! You can follow me on Pinterest (any or all of my boards, find your cup of tea) HERE. Happy weekend!


**Author's Note: None of the images in this post are my property. I have borrowed them from Pinterest and made my best effort to ensure that the Pinterest pages linked to link to an original source. If you see your work here and want it taken down please see my About page and contact me. Thank you for not suing.**

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